What would you say to your future self?

Here are some of the compilation of the responses of young adults on being asked on what they could tell themselves in the future.

  1. Me talking to you right now will make you laugh. It might make you think of what you’ve been through.
  2. You’ve been though a lot, and I think you you are now and MD.
  3. I hope to see yourself with abs, at least once.
  4. Work hard and eat in buffet.
  5. Still have that dream and still give back to people.
  6. I wish you are still grounded.
  7. Continue the good things that your doing.
  8. I hope you made more friends and kept the right one.
  9. Sing like you like it.
  10. I hop you are married now.
  11. Hopefully, you get to put up your school.
  12. Just enjoy what you are doing.
  13. Ask yourself if you have been kind as you should be.
  14. If you achieve what we want to achieve, I’m proud of you.
  15. Now you are lost, but you can make it.
  16. I pray that you achieve far.
  17. Good Job! I don’t wanna ask you what’s next.
  18. Do you have beautiful kids now?
  19. Have you tried taking care of pets?
  20. Were you able to put up the flower shop that you have always wanted?
  21. Will you ever try to travel alone?
  22. Have you tried cheating on someone?
  23. Have you tried stealing something?
  24. Have you given more that receiving?
  25. Have you spent more time to your parents?
  26. Did you make your parents proud of you?
  27. Did you make yourself proud of you?
  28. Are there something else that you want to buy?
  29. Where else would you like to visit?
  30. What else do you want to experience?

How about you, my dear friend? What would you ask your future self? Let me know in the comment section below.

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