Hello! How are you doing? If you’re reading this right now, you have successfully made it to thirty five years old. I’m so glad you made it this far. I hope you are in a much better and valuable state of life right now. Probably, you are living a worthwhile life with your family. Look at them, look how the Almighty One blessed you and gave you such amazing persons. Who would have thought that you will be a virtous wife and mother?

            I anticipate you’ve already met the right man in the perfect season you’ve been praying for all along. I have no idea how he managed to handle you – especially your mood swings, annoying voice and daily cravings. But still, I’m glad he did. I hope he knows how all the good types of butterflies fill your stomach when you think about him. I wish the both of you continue to cherish and share the most intimate moments of your lives. I hope your love for each other grow stronger day by day, that the both of you will never stop holding slow dances in the kitchen, always continue to laugh and never stop holding each other. I hope you spend the rest of your lives together.

            To your children, I hope you fulfilled your dream of becoming a mother to a beautiful girl. Please let your daughter know how the everlasting glow her birth impacted you as a person. Always be proud of her success and failures. Her doubts, hopes, dreams, fears and strengths. Everything. Continue to invest time and efforts in their lives. Surely, you will reap their wisdom and good character in the future. Guide them in their baby steps and don’t get too harsh on them, okay?

            You are truly remarkable. I hope by this time, you’ve already overcome your fears and all the challenging endeavors. Always remember to stop worrying about what may others think about you. The only opinion that greatly matters is your own. Stop pleasing others and live your life to the fullest without any regrets.

            Continue to honor God in everything you do and never lose your faith in Him. This is not a bittersweet farewell, but a beautiful hello but a beautiful hello to all the things waiting for you in your life as you grow into an authentic adult. Strive harder to be the best version of yourself.

            Live as if you were to die tomorrow, love as if you were to live forever.

With Love,

Me in the future

Written by Charisse Ilyza

2 thoughts on “TO MY FUTURE SELF

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