Dear 34- year old EM

I’m writing this letter to you today, to let you know how happy and proud I am of your achievements despite setbacks, challenges, poor decisions, shortcomings and heartaches.

I believe now, you are a successful person who pursued being a business woman or an accountant. At this point of your life, you are more focused of your goal to make your family happy and proud. All these, would not be possible if not learning and sacrificing things along the way.

You sacrificed your own happiness many times before. Sacrificed time for family and friends just to finish everything that you should do. But most importantly, you learned how to accept and forgive.

Accepting and forgiving are two different things that are hard to do, in my opinion. And what you did was great. You accepted being a part of a broken family, you conquered and fought hard to overcome that.

They hid something from you, you are hurt when you knew but you accepted everything, and this is the result, a better version of you are.
You knew something was off and you are not completely happy.

It is hard to fake happiness but you did, because you want to be strong, you want to be the stone of your friends, you want to make everyone happy even you yourself, is not.

You received criticisms, but amidst all that, you remained strong and took this positively to make you a better person, you used this a motivation to strive harder and go for success.

I strongly believe that, you didn’t let these people saying something negatively about you, affect you, instead you didn’t mind them because you know the truth and the whole story. You didn’t let their judgments tell you who you are, you are you no matter what.

I can say, that now you are truly happy, with your family, loved- ones and friends. At this moment of your life I can finally say, that you did a great job. I believe that you are a responsible cousin to Rhenz, responsible sister to Warren and a beloved daughter to your parents.

You chose the right colors to paint your future. You chose the right time on when to shine the brightest. You chose the right time to fly high and soar high. You chose the right people to trust amidst everything and finally, you chose to be happy, genuinely happy and contented.

You gave meaning to how life could be a colourful one even after many dull moments. You are a living proof of “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”.

Continue being a fighter, a woman of her words, a woman who strives hard, a woman who gives of happiness and inspiration. Be a woman who stands tall and continue flying and soaring high.

All the love,

Written by Vicente

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