To Angge

Hi 20 years from now Angge!

Did you overcome your problem already? I remembered how you suffered because of that. I hope you learned a lesson from those experiences.

Did your vertigo worsen? You were so devastated the time you’re diagnosed with vertigo up to the point that you do anything that can worsen your condition since you know that it can kill you.

Are you already an accountant? That’s your dream since you were young since your role model is your uncle which is an accountant. Have you seen Seventeen and your Pdx boys already?

You always dream of going to their concerts but you don’t have enough money. I hope you already have enough income to go to their concerts and to buy every merch they release.

Thank tou for staying strong after all of those thank you for hanging in there. “Thank you for waiting and believing in me. The old you” just like the meaning of Seventeen’s song “My I”.

From Annge

Written by Tabelina

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