Dear self,

Hi self! How are you? I hope you are doing fine today. I hope you are happy with your life now.

I hope you are successful now just like you planned way before. I hope you are living your dream now. I hope you already attended some concerts of your favorite band / group.

I hope you are still the jolly one that your friends used to know. I hope you’re stronger than before. I hope that you’re still fighting despite the pain.

I hope you already find someone you’ll spend your life with.

If you ever feel that you are at your lowest point, just remember the only place that you can go is up. Find reassurance in the weakness. The best is yet to come.

Don’t take pity on yourself. Instead, work harder to make your situation better.

I hope you won’t forget to look back from where you started. Even though before, you were not able to fight the cristisism you’ve faced, you were not able to show them you’re best, even when you’re alone sometimes, atleast you learned from it. I hope this letter can help you remeber the past.

Lastly, I just want to let you know that I’m proud of you. You’ve reached this far now. Remember to be happy always even though it’s hard. I love you self. Stay hydrated.

Written by Enjey P.

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