Dear Rianne

How fast time flies, right? You’re finally 35 and I am so glad that you made it this far, because I’m sure you wanted to end everything before, and I really thought you wouldn’t make it till this day, but, guess what? You made it! You did. I hope that you’re finally happy by the time you are reading this even with the number of hardships you have encountered for the past couple of years.

You’ve been through a lot and everybody that’s close to you knew about the things that you are afraid to tell someone because of the fact that they might judge you for who you are and your experiences in life. I am so proud of you for not giving up on your own down days just because you thought you cannot handle everything that’s been going on in your life.

I know that it wasn’t easy for you to keep on going especially on the situations that you’ve been in, but hey, you’ve come a long way, and you’re still here having that fighting spirit that made you become who you are today. I am hopeful that you are now a successful accountant, or if not, an engineer with a stable job that would help you give back to the numerous sacrifices of your parents to make you a college graduate.

By this time, I am certain that you knew how to better handle all the things that has to be taken care of. You were the Rianne that everybody once knew as an “overthinker” and a “cry baby” for making a situation even more complicated and letting your instincts overcome what the reality really is. You used to be someone who looks at the negative side of things instead of the opposite one which makes you even hurt yourself more, you keep on seeing things not the way it was because you’re afraid of what might happen next, you always try to hide the pain you’ve been feeling just to not let anyone know how weak you are.

But you know what? Nothing’s wrong when someone sees you crying, just like what Mia in the Movie, “Barcelona:A Love Untold”, once said, “Crying is good for the soul.” It was indeed true. If someone sees you breaking down, let them look because those weakness of yours would eventually turn into your strength and if you finally embraced that, then nobody can use that against you anymore and you’ll just be like, “who cares? I am proud of who I am and it made me a better version of myself”.

Overall, I just want to say that I am really, really proud of you for what you’ve become. You made your parents proud, but most importantly, you made yourself proud. Thank you for not giving up. You deserve this, you deserve to be happy and I am glad that what made you in pain before, became the reason of your success.

15-yeaar-old Rianne.

Written by Rianne M.

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