Dear future me,

Its been 20 years ever since i wrote this letter for you and you’ve grown up now. You’re now 35 years old, can you believe that? You would probably reminisce the times when you were young and playing outside or when you go to school.

You are probably signing loads of forms and writing reports right now, hope you don’t overwork yourself too much. All the hard work you did probably paid off and you’re now living the moment of your precious life with your family and friends. You were able to go through your rough life through your determination and perseverance.

I hope that you’re able to turn your weaknesses into one of your strengths. Since you were kinda broke back then because you spend on food and clothes way too much, but now you’re probably a millionaire; If not then at least you tried. You are nkw a cool and confident person anyone coul’ve imagine. You were timid before and have no sense of direction on what you were doing but I hope you’re fine now.

You’ve believed in what you are capable of and faced all your insecurities. I pray that you’ve grown up as a loving and humble person who enjoys the beauty the world holds. By the way, I will put this in a time capsule I will put underground. Hehe.

Past Me.

Written by Hernandez

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