Dear me,

It’s 20 been years later from when you wrote this. What’s going on with you? I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re working a stable job that you love, and that you’re settled in a cozy home with a happy, loving family. I wonder if you still love to dance and draw, and if you’re still the lively girl you were 20 years ago. I hope you still love to make people smile, and are working on your hobbies and skills to improve them and make good use of them. I also wish you finally learned to be less emotional and have learned to handle criticism well, and that you’ve learned to love your body image more and appreciate yourself more. Hopefully, you finally achieved your dream of becoming a fashion designer with hard work. Determination got you where you are right now so keep up the good work! Remember that I love you, always.

With love,
You from 20 years ago

Written by Hersheys F.

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