A Letter to my Future Self (20 years from now)

When you read this, I’m sure that you are now a successful Doctor with a hand that heals.

I’m sure you are doing your job well because you are doing what you love. If, by chance, you decided to change career, well, I hope that that job makes you happy (and also rich >v<).

I hope you don’t give up because of simple problems because I know you’re a strong and independent woman.

If ever you have a family now (when I (or maybe you lol) wrote this, I/you LEGIT don’t want to have a family), I hope you give them everything you never had and give them what they deserve and I hope you have a loving, caring, and loyal husband (like what we’ve always wanted for a man).

Please don’t stress yourself too much about things you don’t even have to worry about and please make yourself happy (even though your present self isn’t) because you need to keep going for your family and friends because they love you.

Cheer up!

Stay strong, wonderful and please keep your smile!

Good luck and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Written by Tatiana R.

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