Dear Self

Dear Self,

          Hey, have you had a rest recently? You are working all the time. You have no time for other activities. I’m a little worried on how your life is. I think you should rest for now. Your mind will be tired if you do not care for yourself.

          On the other hand, I’m still proud because you still do the same thing 20 years. I’m proud that you made inventions of your own. You also made things better by giving them appropriate, cheap but durable machines.

          But still need to strengthen your relationship with your family. They will still guide you in your life. Just follow them, they know your strengths and weaknesses. They still know the nest for your health and safety.

          Don’t worry, you will still get happy with your own accomplishments. I hope that this will help you to be positive in life because I’ve seen your mood is always serious. Even though, love life is not your priority, I will still be believing that you will find the one in your life. Just wait for the right time.

Written by Enghoy

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