Dear James

Today is the 20th year that I have written this letter to you. I do hope that you are in a good place, I do hope also that you are in an even better and more fruitful state in your life. after 20 years from 2019, you have now a family with 1 or 2 children, you have now a house, you have now a money from your job which you can use it for your family and friends. Family and friends are your weaknesses and strengths. Weaknesses because without them, you can’t live happy. Strengths because they makes you stronger and stronger everyday. I am the one who has a talent to make anyone listen to me and hear out my convictions.

I do hope that you are not overused this power. I hope that you convinced them that nlt everything they see is worth believing and not everything they heard is worth saying. That they have their own voice inside of them waiting to be heard with the potential to build as well as to destroy. I see myself as someone who has the potential to lead a team that will take part  in outstanding accomplishments. I do hope that you have not taken all the credit anf have been that leader who praised them and who have lent a helping hand. I hope that you have been their close confidant, great adviser, and friend. I do hope that you can walk down the street, head high and feet light. I pray that you, right now is a refection of your children’s future me.

Written by James E.

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