Dear Future Me

Hi future me! Look, I know why you’re here. I think you might be sad or you’re very stressed out. No worries, I’m here to cheer you up! You might think I’m crazy for comforting you when you know that I’m not that good at it. What’s troubling you? I’m eager to know.

Is it about work? Stress? Or about life in general? Doesn’t matter, I will be here to comfort you no matter what. If I  say some advice, promise me you will follow them with an open heart, okay?

I already know that you are a certified surgeon but you should not stress yourself especially when saving a dying person’s life but don’t forget to compose yourself and you will save that person. You can take a break from time to time if you are not at work. I know you are a very vengeful person but don’t let your nerves get the best of you. I also know that you’re a tad too careful. Care less and loosen up a bit, okay? It will make your brain go haywire and it might be the death of you. I bet you’re crying right this very second. I know because I am your past self. You tend to cry over the littlest things. It’s okay to cry because it releases all of your emotions but it pains me and other people to look st you knowing that they can’t do anything to cheer you up because you have the tendency to give the “cold shoulder” to people. Can you have the decency to think that people are just trying to be happy? You must acknowledge them, not shun them. Maybe that’s why some people are very annoyed by you.

 Look, you’re a very sweet and reasonable person. I know you can think of a way to overcome the problem. Just say this to yourself, “I will care less. I will have time for myself. I will not be vengeful. I will be a better me.” I’ll stop writing now because I think you might be angry from the things that I wrote. Have a good day!

Yours truly,
Past self

Written by Jireh O.

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