To My 36-Years Old Self

Yow! What’s up? I can’t believe that you survive living in earth for 36 years already. I heard you already reached your dreams, I hope it’s true.

Are you living the life you wanted? Do you already have the family that you dreamt of? Are you already married to the man of your dreams? Sorry if I have a lot of questions to ask, I just want to make sure if you’re living the life that everyone dreamed of because totally deserve it!

All your life, you always receive high expectations in which make your whole system pressured. I know it’s hard to be compared to others though you always do your best to prove them that you’re different, but I guess even the people who you thought would be your number one supporter, your number one fan, would actually be the one to say you’re not enough, well that’s reality.

Let me tell you this, I’M PROUD OF YOU. I’m proud of you not because you have medals nor certificates to brag in social media, but I’m proud because even though life kicks you hard, you always choose to stand up and move on to what future is ahead of you.

I’m proud of you because you chose not to give-up and continue living your not-so-perfect life. I’m proud of you because you’re you! After 20 years, I don’t know if you will be able to read this but if yes, LET ME TELL YOU THIS. I’M HAPPY FOR YOU. GO LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. DON’T STOP DREAMING. NEVER LOSE HOPE AND ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF. I love you and always take care.

Yours truly,

Your 20-years younger self

Written by Karaniña A.

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