Me, 20 Year From The Future

I hope you’ve now been a successful Architect or Mechanical Engineer on either way because that’s your 15 uear old self Ambition and hope is still now.  I hope that you’ve now visited Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and Denmark by now with your Family and Friends .

I hope that you’ve bow owned a Mustang GT 2039 Model or A Tesla and Is there a flying Car now invented on 2039? I hope you’re now marriaged and finally found your truly worth waiting for partner because your 15 year old self is struggling to find one.

I hope you’ve now had a son named Felix or a daughter named Elizabeth. I hope that your still a Memegod in the future. I hope that you’ve still have contact with your best friends in High School and Upcoming friends in College. If you’re reading this by now, I want to tell you to be Positive on life just like your 15 year old self and I wish you the best of luck .

Written by Manuel

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