Letter To My Future Self

To my future self,

Whats up?, I bet life has been interesting, crazy, fun, boring, unexpected, and many more. I know despite all the constant frustration and problems, you’ve managed to shine everyday. Pass through the challenges with ease. And hey, that’s kinda amazing you know?

I bet you look very splendid with your taste if fashion, it has cool stuff and colors too, I bet you have an epic muay thai, cycling, and basketball attires. And for sure you’ve got the best dog you’d every ask for, sweet friends, and a happy family with your one and only. You get to spend time outside in one of the most beautiful in the world which is really great .

As you continue to get awesome, remember that the goal is to reach more than 90 years of living, you’ve got a lot of time. Despite frustrations you’re on your way to making all your dreams come true; being a succesful notical engineer, a great chef, a champ in cycling, muay thai, and basketball, and many more. Now go on have an epic vaccation, and buy a new outfit with your sweet bank account that we just got last 2019.

You earned it.

Keep killing it!

Your 15 year old self
(still a student)

  Written by Antonino A.

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