I think can ourselves 20 years from now is it’s either we’re still alive or dead already. We both don’t know when will our last day living here on earth.

So I can’t say if I would still be having a great and successful life in the future. But still, it’s better to be still alive in the future. I guess we might be an officer in the Philippine Army or an architect, all of my career goals will be granted if we have the characteristics of being hardworking and patience.

All things are possible but we I need to be in the right manner starting from now in order to grant my dream for you to have a nice and successful life in the near future.

Enjoy your life, enjoy on the things that you’ve already started. Just take your whole quality time while I’m still alive here from this place. Just like what I’ve said, we both don’t know where we will be in the future because it’s on me on what will I do but you need to take a deep breathe just relax and know everything will be alright in your time.

Written by Jason L.

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