From Past Self

Hi! If you are reading this right now, I’m very proud of you. You made it until 20 years! Well, I know this might seem a bit akward but please continue reading until the end. Also, prepare some tissues, you might end up crying. 

You’re a grade 10 student now and is currently studying in a science high school. You are a bit clumsy today, you tend to do things in a very gawky way. I hope you learn how to change that.

Also, you have mental breakdowns nowadays. It’s okay to cry, though. I just hope that you will lessen it in the future and be a strong woman. 

You had a problem recently. You lost a friend. I hope you learn how to value your time with your friends and family because life is too short. Start making things right. Fix your relationship with them and show them your love. 

You have a lot of dreams, self. You want to become an EDM artist, a doctor, a lawyer, a writer, a model, and many more. Which one did you pursue? Whatever it is, I know you did well. If you still want to pursue your other dreams, go ahead. No one can stop you. 

Also, do you have a bucket list? I hope you’re halfway through that bucket list. I also hope that you already gave your family a good life just like you always wanted. 

I want you to enjoy life as much as possible and live it to the fullest. Eat, travel, write, sleep, love, and continue doing things that you love. 

Don’t forget to be humble as always. Remember to look down and thank all the people who have been a part of your life and helped you throughout your journey in living as a person. Do good thing, help in charities, pray, and love.

Well, that’s all for now, future self. I just want you to become a successful person like you ever wished and I hope you are always happy. Smile, and continue living great. I love you! Fighting! 

Sincerely yours, Your past self

Written by Mamaril

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