Dear Hazel

How are you? Honestly while typing this letter I’ve been thinking if were you able to conquer your fears? Have you developed your skills in Research in which you find it the most hard?

Were you able to live alone? Were you still crying when a mountain of problems arise before you or you became brave and stand firmly facing the giants?

As far as I know you, you’ve became a kind girl who’s really talkative and happy but a weak crybaby. You look so strong from the physical but people don’t know how fragile you are inside. Where you able to able to anhance your talent in singing?

Because in my memory you’ve always dreamed to be a great singer. Were you playing the piano when a sudden extreme feeling triggered you? And oh, I almost forgo! Have yoo already learned to love yourself first before loving other people?

Are you still that stupid girl hoping for feelings reciprocation or you already learned you lesson and didn’t bother about your lovelife because you’re so busy in your job and business?

No matter what your answer is, I want to tell you that I’m so proud of you because you’re still alive and your reading this letter saying to yourself that you made it through.

Thank you for not giving up warrior, always remember that I’m with you and the Lord will always guide in each and every aspect of you life.

 I love you Hazel. Always put in mind all the lessons that this chaotic life taught you, if you feel empty, call upon the lord and he will fill your cup. Don’t think that contentment can be found somewhere else because trust me dear, the Lord is the only person that will satisfy you. In him you’ll fins your eternal happiness and love that no one can give you.

Take care! God Bless and I Love You

Your 14-year old self,

Written by Hazel B.

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