Dear Future Self

Today is the 20th year that I have written this letter. I hope that you have a better and happier life by now. I do hope that you have grown into a fine and stronger woman, that has a potential to conquer any problems and obstacle  ahead.

Today, I see myself as an achiever who had work hard to survive high school. Someone who always procrastinate and feel lazy at the same time. I hope that you my future- self will change this bad habit and become an industrious and productive person.

I see myself as a daughter or a part of a family who don’t socialize well with them. I do hope you have changed and made a better relationship with them. I hope that you still have faith with God. I pray that my future- self is the reflection of a better me.      

I hope you continue to smile and be optimistic every time. I hope you don’t forget the persons who believed and supported you to become what you are right now. I believed that you are successful by now, travelling, eating foods you love and continue being happy together with your family and friends.

Written by Magdadaro

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