Dear Angelique

Hey, how’s life doing?

I know that for the past 20 year, you experienced many hardships and challenges in life. I hope that you are still the strong-willed girl that never gives up on whatever life throws at you.

I hope that the decisions on your life in the past years makes you happy and contented in your life in the present. I was actually wondering what your job will be? Did you pursue being a Flight Engineer? Or did you choose being a Cardio-thoracic surgeon or a military doctor?

I hope that whatever job or occupation you have right now is making you happy and I hope that it’s your dream job. You are already 35 years old and in the right age of having a family, so I was wondering if you are already married.

As an Angelique in the past, I just want you to continue holding your head high in every challenges and hardships you experienced. Hey, you survive the past 20 years so don’t give up and continue living life to the fullest and continue on serving God with all your heart.

Love and be loyal to your family also. I hope that you continued on loving yourself and always remember that you are worthy and lovable.

Sincerely yours, Angelique from 20 years ago

Written by Angelique H.

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