20-Years After

Hello Me 20 years after. As you can see I am still alive and well.

I have a lot of happy and cool stories to tell you about your future I must say we really changed from back then you were always defeating problems side by side with your friends but enough of this I’m here to give you a bit of a sneak peek about you from the future.

First of all congrats! We did it, we achieved our dreams, you were able to master six different culinary skills, techniques and cuisines. You also built restaurants in Italy, France, Japan, USA, Philippines and China.

You also got a Michellin 3 star rating at your restaurants and you changed the entire culinary industry with your unorthodox style in cooking.

You were considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 21st century. You also continued expanding your repertoir about Science and Greek Mythology and you always use these to fascinate people about the world.

The most important thing I must tell you is that you became the happiest man in the world and you were able to keep being friends with the people from you high school life.

You really changed and I’m happy that we changed for the best of us and were able to achieve our dreams.

I wish you the best of luck in the most memorable yet dangerous journey, LIFE. Also I forgot to mention that you are still an Otaku and a gamer never change that. By the way you live in Japan now.

Thanks to all your hardwork and determination. So this is where I’ll end it. Goodbye, thank you and take care, me!

Written by Vince D.

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